Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lola @ six months & rainy day fun...

It's a rainy old day here today so Poppy wanted to make an "egg lady" - a quick and fun activity. We blew all the egg out, washed the egg then decorated with old bits of PP, buttons and flowers. You need to use strong glue. Poppy needed a lot of help but older kids could do this with ease! Apparently this little one is Sophie - she's already is already hanging out in the dolls house!PMSL!

I'm finally uploading all the pics that have been sitting in my camera for months and look at this little beauty...she is such a sweetheart! Those eyes, that big gummy smile...ahhhh ...she melts my heart. She is looking alot more like Poppy at the same age I think it's those big chubby cheeks!
I have done some scrapping but am yet to scan them - I have sooooooooo much PP that I'm going in a pledge at the SM forum to do 20 LOs before I buy anthing new! I have already done 3 singles and 1 double! Well on my way! Still sorting out the house too...rearranging and seeing what works best for us!


Tara said...

Ooooh what a gorgeous bubba!!

Love Poppy's little Sophie too :-)

Crazymumm said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh they both are such sweethearts xxx

love the beautiful Sophie :):) so Poppy with the red spots :):)

Nicole said...

Lola is so much like Poppy, lol, I'm just remembering from photo's off your LO's. hehehheheee

love 'Sophie' too, might have to try that with Charlotte. sounds like fun :)


scrapwitch said...

omg what super dooper shots mel...
love your gorgeous girls ..
great to see you back into the swing of things