Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wild windy weather...

Well it has been blowing a gale here and pouring with rain! Great for the plants but keeps us cooped up inside!!
So we have been doing puzzles, reading, drawing, and even baking! While I don't like winter, I do like winter food! Have dragged out the slow cooker and we have tried lots of yummy WW casseroles and a delish chicken pie! Poppy LOVES cooking...She didn't get that from me - from both Nan's I think! And the best part of baking a cake is licking the beaters - of course!

And this little cheeky girl is just gorgeous but still not crawling - doesn't really like being on the ground - would much rather everyone hold her and entertain her!LOL!

And three more dodgy photos of more LOs for the 20 LO challenge - really like the "clever" one the other two...hmmm??? Not so much! So that is 9 LOs so far and one on my desk so half way there! Luckily because I am sooooooo eyeing off the new October afternoon papers!

Thanks for popping by!


Amy said...

Mel I think they are all totally stunning lo's. Clever one is too adorable!!!
Poppy looks like she is having a ball!

Ali said...

LOVE these new layouts! Stunning! and your girls are so cute!! i still love being able to lick the beaters! ;) xox

Felicity said...

Havent your girls grown!! Lola looks like a big girl now! Look out when she starts crawling, wont be far away!
I love all those Lo's too and love your idea of the 20 LO's before new supplies and yes I have the OA on my wish list too!!
BTW thanks for the gorgeous comment on my blog, and yes, bub can come anyday now!! :) :) :)

Monique said...

Wow Mel - I just love your layouts, absolutely stunning!
Lola is such a cutie pie! Is it me, or does she look a lot like Poppy in that photo?

Crazymumm said...

Beautiful layouts and how cute are your darling girls xxx

the 20 stash challenge is great isn't it for making you use up that stash! good luck xxx

Michelle Jamieson said...

Our weather has been less than impressive on the east coast, as well!

I think Ella and Poppy would get on like a house on fire...we also love to bake and I am so NOT the baker, but I give it a go! You have to fight for a beater in this house!!

I love my slow cooker too! :)

Chelle Xx

Nee said...

Love the l/o's Mel, just stunning as always!
Good to hear your life is settling down now your in your beautiful new home. The girls are just so cute.

Donna Heart said...

hello my dear! when you next visiting my way? would love to see you again - and a tour of the house - on your blog ??? (or have i missed that?) and - on emore thing - just wondering if you've tracked down my cj? have a great week - and love your layouts too xxx Don

Binxcat1 said...

Hey chick... so glad that you have your life back!!! You certainly haven't lost your touch in the scrapping world... and OMGosh! how cute are your girls????? Hope we can catch up one day... mmmm... perhaps when this weather improves hey?

amanda hall said...

I am still ooohing and ahhhing over your work chook - awesome and inspirational.

love it.

And your babies are adorable! (the big kindy girl Poppy just gets sweeter and sweeter and awwwwwwww at bubba Lola.)

SkyeMJ said...

Oh i havent been back here in TOO long!
Both your girls are looking so grown up :) Still as cute as ever though!

Stunning, stunnig layouts too :)