Monday, September 1, 2008


Yes I'm on the count down now...only EIGHT weeks until we meet our precious bub!!!
Soooooooooo excited! Still soaking, sorting and washing lots of Poppy's baby items, sheesh....I bought SO much when she was little. Bucket loads of PINK - if it's all girl we have EVERYTHING...if it's a boy, well, we'll hit the shops for some blue!LOL.
I'm feeling good - just rather heavy and still have joint problems. I have complete "pregnancy brain" and forget things all the time, lose my car keys daily and forget what I am talking about mid sentence....
Poppy is getting rather excited and wants to hold and wash the baby apparently! She talks to my tummy daily and kisses it goodnight.
Recent conversation -
Me - What's in mumma's tummy Poppy?
P - a baby!!!
Me - is it a boy or girl?
P - (excitedly) a boy!(this changes daily!)
Me - Poppy, what will we call the baby?
P - (Yelling at my belly) WAKE UP BABY- (see she is "calling" it - LOL)
Me - no hun, what will we name the baby
P - Charlie...
Me - what the?
I have no idea where Charlie has come from( we don't even know a Charlie) but she is convinced that's the baby's name - sorry Poppy, it's not even on our short list! We actually have both our boy's and girl's name picked out so it really is just the waiting game now.

The very gorgeous Chelle J nominated me for this bit of LOVE...thanks I feel my blog has been a bit light on with scrapping images lately! I have more to share soon!

Lots of girls I would like to nominate would have been already nominated and there are so many inspirational bloggers out there.... I *heart*...

LISA - scrapwitch, paint queeen

DONNA - kebab, mixin' it up

AM - love ya work

MALIN - always precious work

MEL HEATHER - photos and LOs that are eye candy

JULIE HEARD - pure eye candy!

I'll be back with some LOs after work today!!



Belinda Venables said...

Not long to go exciting! :D

Love the conversation with Poppy - how adorable is she!

I'll be back to have a peek at those layouts. :D


Julie said...

Not long to go now at all Melis!! How exciting for you. My SIL is also due in about eight weeks as well. All these new bubs coming along soon - can't wait to 'meet' them all, whether online pix or in person. Love babies!!! Another thing though trying to convince the hubby lol.
That convo with little Poppy was just adorable - gotta love the things kiddos say hey?

take care and rest up
Julie xx

miasmummy said...

love love love Poppy's little hat!! 8 weeks yippee!! I hope they go fast for you! I can't wait to see your new little person....
Thanks too for your special words to me.. means so much! xxx

Binxcat1 said...

LOL... ummmm...Charlie and Lola maybe? LOL Too cute... and all that luv ya work right back at ya chooky... you going "up there" for school hols? If I make it up there I am coming to gate crash your's and DJ's scrap day you know! ;) Lots of love to you all + bump...

Donna said...

Hey Melis - what a crack up is your Poppy! I can just hear the conversation - and I love the way kidlets think! Looking forward to catching up again and with AM too - we shan't miss each other this time - even if I have to tie you to the chair! LOL - go well my dear, X D

Anonymous said...

A Beautiful Photo of Poppy Mel and woo only two months for the arrival of the little one (how sweet)