Monday, September 8, 2008


Hope everyone had a lovely Father's Day! We had a great time at my inlaw's - my MIL is such a great cook! Poppy entertained the troops...we even watched some of the video of Poppy from when she was first born...she was very interested in "that baby" - it made me all emotional. I can't wait!
Last week we went to the Playschool Concert...I loved it!Alex Papps was one of the presenters - god I remember him on Home and Away when I was a teenager! He has hardly changed!Poppy liked it but I think she enjoyed Justine more - all that crazy dancing!

Here are some pics of my ever expanding girth....god how much bigger can it get???eeeeek!!Poppy kissing the baby - looks like she is blowing up an enormous balloon - LOL!

And some scrapping of a VERY PRECIOUS GIRL - SHELBY..... she's the daughter of Mel and saddly no longer with us....Mel needed some help to create Shelby's memory album and asked me to do the cover. I was honoured and I hope Mel likes it! Makes you appreciate what you have...count your blessings and give your kids that extra cuddle tonight....

Front cover...still might have more of a play...

Back cover.....vintage buttons



Belinda Venables said...

Ahhh - we went to that same show a couple of years ago (well, the same house in but there were two different presenters.
Madelin loved it!

OMGOODNESS - look at you! You are glowing. You look so sweet Melis. :D

Love the photos - they are so adorable!

What a beautiful album cover too...very sad though... :(

Have a great week.


Anthea said...

your looking gorgeous Mel!!!

that album cover looks great also, she will love it!

Nicole said...

we're yet to get to any sort of concert. Always seem to come up at the wrong times here. Like two days before pay day. LOL. Thanks for the name list too. Will have to run them by Luke. OMG we are having such a hard time with names.

You look so gorgeous, all belly hun, so don't worry there. Sensatational shot of Poppy kissing your belly, the B&W one.

And that album cover is glorious, I know what you mean about makes you feel blessed, earlier this year a good friend came so close to losing her little boy and it makes you not take these little ones for granted.


Sar said...

Hey Mel, We've been to the Play School show too earlier this year!!! Much fun. Mel will love what you've done for Shelby, its stunning, I just finished mine too the other day. And your belly is GORGEOUS!!! You've got some great pics to scrap there. I've added you to my fave blogs on my blog too, hope thats cool. Cheers, Sar

Wendy Smith said...

You are so lucky to have gotten ALex and Angela...we had Benita and Angela last month here in Tassie

Gorgeous photos....not long now

Gizmo said...

You look beautiful Mel!
You've got that glow - Miss P, can she get any cuter??
The album cover looks fantastic, you've done such a good job:)