Thursday, October 2, 2008


hmmmmmm this is really for my own records....I "lost" a week somehow! LOL!

  • So this should have been for last week - 5 weeks to go.
    Ob. appointment - I was meant to be going up to see my family next week, for some of mum's cooking, some rest and Poppy to be spoilt by her cousins....well my doctor said NO! If by chance I went into early labour I would have to have an emergency c-section with a doctor I didn't know or worse, as it is a 4-5 hour drive,if driving I could be in HUGE trouble...that pesky low placenta! Even with my booked c-section I have to have my blood supply on hand as there is a high risk of hemorrhage - I might need a transfusion. A little scary but I completely trust my Ob. so I'll just do what ever he says. If I show any signs of labour or bleeding I have to go straight to the hospital and the bub will have to come out straight away! I don't have a history of early labour so I'm sure it will all go to plan.

  • Our Oma is recovering in hospital - all sorts of problems, heart & thyroid conditions, she is still a little confused at times and thinks she should be going home every morning! But she is chatty and has good colour although not really eating! She is receiving great care!

  • My last week of work YAY! The staff collected an awesome "Baby basket" for us! Absolutely amazing generosity - two big boxes overflowing with baby goodies - wipes, lotions, toys, rattles, bibs, 15 little outfits, books...the list is spoilt!And a $100 voucher for Babyland! Woo Hoo!

  • We took Poppy to her first "Perth Royal Show" - OMG we had such a fabulous family day!Poppy was soooooo well behaved! A morning of rides, showbags, hot chips, the farm animals, Pony rides, ice cream...LOVED IT ALL!!! Quite funny watching my 6ft5" Dh go on the rides with her in "Kiddy Land"


Lauren said...

Love that pic of Poppy, cant wait to see that scrapped!!
Not long to go now Mel...
Hope you are well

Tara said...

Love the face painted pic!!! Truly a work of art, it looks gorgeous

Hope all goes well with your new bub...