Sunday, October 26, 2008

One........leave your vote

Yep...One week to go....I can't wait, although this pregnancy has flown! I'm feeling OK - he/she is very active but there isn't much room in there - it tends to ache and hurt when she/he stretches away....

We had some hideous news last week a friend's uterus ruptured, she is in an induced coma, bled for 13 hours and her baby is eight weeks early, lots more awful details that don't need to be written here... but please offer up a prayer, healing vibes - whatever works for you...

I'm very excited, a little nervous , lots of funny mixed up emotions going on...
Will I go early?
Will we have a boy or a girl?
Will the c-section go according to plan?
Will we get a redhead?(LOL)
Will I recover better this time round?
Will Poppy be OK for the week I am in hospital?
Will I cope being away from her for a week?
Will Dh dress her in semi matching clothes - jokes!
How will I ever leave the house with TWO kids to organise?(LOL)
How will Poppy see her new brother/sister? Friend or Foe?
It's all swirling around in my head!!! mojo is also in full swing - new photos and new papers really get me going - like most scrappers!
So here are a couple plus I have another 3 for DT work that I'll put up later!
LOVE these dolly photos

LOVE these BG papers - now at Scraptivate...

LOVE these two crazies having fun at the Royal Show...

Finally - I have NO idea if this precious bub is a boy or a girl....
What do you think? Gender, weight, hair colour???
Leave a message with your vote!LOL!
(Poppy was 7lb3, 52 cm and mousey hair - at full term)
I'm much heavier this time!


scrapwitch said...

i dont have a clue mel...but i'll go boy ,just cause i would hope that you get the share the joy of one of each ,,but a girl ,wouldnt that be lovely for poppy and you ,and tony..
all will be well for you perfect delivery perfeect birth ,,channel it babe are super woman !
layouts swoooooon ,delish devine delightful ,the vintage dloos oh yummmmmmmm ...
love to you babe ,your in my thoughts everyday ,and healing energy to your friend


scrapwitch said...

i really should read my posys for typos...happy halloween

Mel x said...

Hey Melis, this is my guess:
Black Hair

LOL, I cant wait to see some gorgeous pics, I am soooo excited for you, Tony and Poppy!!!

Layouts are devine, love, love, love them all, hopefully I will catch you on MSN!

My prayers go out to your friend, baby and her family, what a horrible thing to go though!!!

Chat to you soon

Mel x

Ali said...

hiya mel - those new layouts are delishous!! those dolls are gorgeous!! and im in love with the new BG paper!!

I'm sure everything will go according to plan...and wishing you, poppy and Tony all the best...

also thinking well wishes for your friend....

my guess, a boy, dark hair, 8 1/2 pound...

MargS said...

LOVE the l/outs, Mel, especially the Raggedy Anne & Andy one. I saw those dolls at the PO, & nearly bought them........just for me!! Now I want them even more LOL. Poppy lookks so much older with her fringe clipped back!
Best wishes to you (and your friend) over the next few weeks. I'm betting on a boy........... either way, it's another precious miracle.

byclops said...

Oh I LOVVVVE the Vintage Dolls layout!

My guesses are - girl, 7lb8,with auburn hair!!!!!

Alishia said...

oh MEL the last 9 months have flown!!!!!
I wish you all the Luck in the world witht he birth of Your Little Bundle! I hope you have a litle boy, around 8p and Browny hair!!!
Cant wait to see some pics, and to see the amazing layouts you will do!
Thinking of your freidn and hope her and baby will be all better soon

Lauren said...

Hey Mel,
Im guessing a boy, 8 pound 9, dark hair. 53cm long.
Hope all goes well for you, cant wait to hear the news!
Loving those layouts, they are all awesome!
I saw those dolls at the PO too, went back to buy them and they were all gone :(
Cant believe you are about to have another baby already, time just flys!
Thinking of your friend too and hoping all is ok....
Love Loz

Anonymous said...

My guess will be a boy 7 1/2 to 8pounds (I'm never close to the right weight)mouse brown hair like Poppy and you will be awesome and Sweet Poppy will adore the new little one.... I'm thinking she will much rather a sister... No matter which love to you all as time draws closer, very happy vibes headed your way. xxx

Natallie KING said...

Best wishes to You with the delivery!!! I think it will be a BOY. Over 8lb and same hair as poppy. Natallie

Maxine said...

Oohhh just one more week. How exciting. I have no idea about what to guess as I am usually wrong. So I guess girl.

Love your work. It is amazing as ever.

Mel Connell said...

I think a boy with light hair like his daddy!!!

Goodluck Miss Meliss, we will see you soon!

Alice said...

Oh wow Melis!!!! So so close!!!! Best wishes and the best of luck! I can't wait to be introduced to your new little bundle!

For some reason I think you may have a little boy! A good reason to scrap both girl and boy pages! hehe

I am sure Poppy will love her/him :)


i think you will be blessed with a precious boy.. good luck with it all..

cant wait to see your new pics when bub does arrive..

Sheri said...

LOVE those LO's Mel!!!!
Poppy is just gorgeous

can't wait to 'meet' your little bub...... i'm not sure what gender it will be.... but i'm sure Poppy will adore her little brother or sister

Gizmo said...

I can't believe you only have one week to go.............where did the time go???
I'm guessing a Boy, 7lb 12oz with dark brown hair!!
I'm sure everything will go well for you, stay positive and use the time in hospital to bond with your new baby and have a break - sort of :)
So sorry to hear about your friend. That is terrible news, I'll keep her and her baby in my prayers.

Nicole said...

babe, it'll all go beautifully for you. Can't wait to see/hear your news. I'm guessing boy, (well hoping for you) and I'll go for my wieght of 7lb13, (lol that's what both boys were),hmmm hair most likely the same as Poppy. You will easily manage to go shopping with two, honestly it is easy, I'm nearly thinking of attempting to go out by myself now.

Biggest hugs to you, and that news about your friend is horrible, hope things are improving.

Take care. and enjoy you new precious little bundle.


Felicity said...

Love those LO esp with the dolls.. cute!!!

Sending get well vibes for your friend.

My guess 8lb2oz, Boy and same colour hair as poppy. I am sure you will cope fine and Poppy will love him/her to bites!
Hope all goes well.
Take Care
Felicity x

Ceejay said...

All the best you will have boy about 8lb and look as beautiful as your lovely little girl "poppy". Good luck and all the best....

Lisa A said...

Hi Mel,
Could I be guessing right saying it will be 9lb 16oz