Thursday, October 23, 2008


Two weeks to go!!! Eeeeeekkkkk! Car seats/capsule fitted, last of the little linen washed, towels, singlets done... Saw my Ob. this week and all looks good, he doesn't need to see me next week unless something happens or I feel I really need to see him! He gave me the run down, times etc.. so it is all seeming more and more real! Had my hair coloured and know all the important things - PMSL! And am pampering my self next week - nails, pedicure, the works!

Even cleaned up the bulk of my scrap the scrapping flowed!
Some new Basic Grey..

Poppy hangin' out with her "boy" cousins...she LOVES playing with them!

And Poppy checking the mail - She LOVES checking it everyday...gets all excited, never tires of it! Oh to love such simple pleasures!(need to ink the title so it stands out more!)

There are another couple of LOs to come...just putting on the final touches!



Belinda Venables said...

Has this pregnancy gone fast for you? It has for

2 weeks....wowswers!

You pamper yourself as much as you can before bub arrives - you deserve it!

Love the layouts - scrapping and ready to give birth go well together with've got some serious mojo happening!


Mel x said...

OMG Melis, I can't believe you only have two weeks to go, you must be sooo excited!!!
Hope everything goes smoothly :-)
Will catch you on MSN soon!!!
Mel xx

Flo said...

This blog is gorgeous!
So glad I found it.
You are so creative... these LO are stunning! :)

Favvismaria said...

Gosh, so many beautiful layouts you´ve created!

Maxine said...

Wow you are getting close now. How exciting. I bet Poppy can't wait to meet her new little baby sister or brother.

Love the layouts too. Always gorgeous and inspirational

Pip said...

2 weeks to go ... you must be so excited ... if I don't get back here before the big arrival, GOOD LUCK ... enjoy all your pampering and scrapping time whilst you are waiting for the new bubba ... and I love the layout about Poppy collecting the mail, gorgeous photo of her ... best of luck and look forward to you news ... cheers, Pip