Monday, October 6, 2008


A dash of scrapping - LOVE LOVE LOVE these papers from KAISERCRAFT... I was sent some goodies to play with(tonnes actually!!!) The green is more lime lovely!And Poppy and her Gf hanging out at the Justine Clarke concert! LOL! Mosh pit babes!

  • OMG what a hectic day!!! Miss P had a day at my sister's house so T. and I could go and pick out basically ALL..yep...ALL the fittings for the renos - that were meant to have started in mid August!(bloody council!!!! GRRRRRR) Now it' s race to see whether the baby or the bulldozer comes first! eekkkk! But I'm trying not to get stressed! It has to happen, I can't make it go any faster and what will be will be....*sigh*
  • We'd a had a bit of a look previously but today confirmed -Bricks for exterior, half brick and half render(sp?) to match our 1930s house, tiles for laundry, bathroom & "powderoom" - that's what they are calling a toilet with a basin and mirror these days LOL! Internal doors and french doors for the familyroom
  • All kitchen appliances - MY GOD sooooo many options but settled on - new oven, stove top, rangehood, fridge, diswasher...all in stainless steel look - fingerprint safe!!! T. is eying off some hideously HUGE TV thingo...LOL
  • Tomorrow's jobs - kitchen & laundry cupboards/doors, bench tops...I know what I want just have to check prices and styles! White, white, white! And paint samples - ummmmm white!The whole baths, toilets, basins ....are doing my head in but just need to see a few more options!
  • We also fitted in our hospital visit to confirm our booking - luckily only a few small "gaps" cost wise - thank god for private health cover - worth every cent! Have my Ob. appointment tomorrow....I think I'm up to weekly visits now!
  • Great news - our Oma is back in her own home - although very weak and still not eating much! But she is much more comfortable there! Between the family and some services for home help she seems OK for the moment!
I will have some other great news to share soon and some more LOs....




Nicole said...

so excited and can't wait to 'meet' your little person, so so so close now. Oh and thanks for the name too. LOL. EVERYONE loves it.

Those LO's are devine. Love those colours especially in the Birds of a Feather. Yummo.

Better go, heaps more to catch up on.



wow .. your busy being that pregnant... gorgeous layouts cant wait to hear your exciting news...

scrapwitch said...

heheheh mosh pit babes..thats a total crack up babe
love those layouts miss melissa ...
thinking of you as the days count down

Lauren said...

great layouts Mel!
Love them both

SkyeMJ said...

Those layouts are amazing - the lime green obne is especially delicious!

A 'powder room' sounds very nice, if a little pretentious! hehe!

how exciting that there will be another bundle of joy in your world soon!