Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Three weeks to go....and I'm counting the days! My tummy is sooooo tight, he/she is still very active but with jarring large kicks and stretches, add my swollen feet and insomnia is back...well I'll be more than happy to meet this bundle!LOL!
Everything is great really and I have bought a few new goodies for this and blue as I have NO idea...I thought girl, then recently boy, now I'm thinking girl again? Like I said no idea, and I honestly don't mind either way!

Poppy has been really gorgeous....she is such a funny little thing...has me in stitches all day! Bought her THE cutest witches costume - my nephew is having his 18th and he was a halloween baby so he is having a costume party! Should be a blast! Although he is quite laid back - I think my sisters and I are more excited about it! Can't believe he is 18!!!
Quick LO share...
Some Guest DT work for Scaploot - I sooooooooo recommend the shop - the service from Sue, the owner - is so efficent and quick!

And a fun one for White with One....

Have a great week...the weather here is HOT HOT HOT! Yay! Bring on Summer!



scrapwitch said...

yummmy yummy melissa..those layouts are delish ..and ahhhhh the rose moka does it for me yaor stuff babe..thinking of you in these final weeks
thanks for the shout out aboout the catwalk ....:):)

Belinda Venables said...

OMG - how fast has your pregnancy gone? (well for me...pmsl)

Beautiful layouts as usual - so bright and delish!


Gizmo said...

Your work is always beautiful hun!!
I'm thinking of you and counting down the days till bubs is here:)

Sarah Whitton said...

Hey the Melissa,

I'm a scrapper at Scraploot, l go to their classes and check in on their blog everynow and again. I love your work, its adorable! I think l'll add you to my blog links if thats okay?


Lauren said...

wow! your work is awesome as usual.
Loving all those layouts~!!
Cant wait to see the Chloe layout published next month, im SO excited!!
Good luck in the next few weeks, cant wait to hear what you have!

chrisw said...

Just love that LOOK! poppy is looking just gorgeous as always..Great layouts melissa