Thursday, October 28, 2010

'bout time ...I know

OH MY GOD...she scraps....not one but two LOs....

My gorgeous Lola in her first "big girl bathers" all the nautical clothing around this year. I love my girls in red!

And our wonderful lucky are my girls to spend time with their great grandmother. Who still lives independently, cooks delicious meal, and can speak three languages. She teaches them lots of little dutch songs and sayings!

I don't know if I "still have it" with scrapping but I did enjoy these two...and most importantly the little memories behind them!

Lots going on as we are leading up to a big birthday season in our family - the very important ones being my girls. FIVE and TWO...I can't believe it! Life just flies doesn't it!

Back soon...

might even get a couple more LOs done!



miasmummy said...

Oh yeah Mumma, you still got it! Love these LO's! Know you busy but would love to see more! x

Sar said...

You MORE than have it honey, they look FAB!!!! xoxo

mel said...

glad to see you scrapping again!!!

Monica said...

Course you still have it chickie!!
Your work is rocking just like it always has been :0)