Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm alive.....


Well the craziness of our busy lives at the moment has completely drained any creativity out of me! Not the will, just the energy! Life is great just more than a little bit busy!

For the last 3 weeks of the school term I took on a relief possition in the 4 Year old kindy, so I was basically fulltime! It really wore me out - not the actual teaching - the kids, parents and assistants were fantastic. It was the emotional toll on my kids, the stress of getting everything organised, Poppy's tears in the mornings....I do not know how mums work fulltime with little ones. My part time position is perfect for me but I realise that you couldn't pay me enough to miss out on my girls on a fulltime basis!For some mums there is no other option - and I respect those who can juggle it all alot better than me! To add to the whole situation Lola learnt how to climb out of her cot and has been waking up and roaming around from between 4.45 - 5.15am most mornings - it waaaaaayyyyyy to early and exhausting.*Yawn*. Let hope it passes once we get her a bed!
  • we've been working on the "playroom" - it has stalled due to my working.
  • we went to the Playschool concert - I swear the mums and dads love it more than the kids! Such great value - and so much more "personal" than events like the massive Wiggles type concerts!
  • my selfless mum came down from Geraldton to look after my girls for two weeks - what a wonderful nanny she is.
  • lots of crafting with Poppy and "writing" she's very interested in words and letters at the moment
  • a fun day the Perth Royal Show - just Dh, myself and Poppy - Lola is too much of a runner at the moment. Poppy had a ball with animal petting, show bags, rides and face painting.

  • Planning Poppy's "Hula Hula" party - she will be FIVE!!!! And Lola's "Hungry Caterpillar" party she will be TWO! They are meant to be small parties this year but I love all the little details and making the cakes. They are growing waaaaayyyyy to quickly!
  • We are now on holidays and have lots to do. The early starts are still killing me - sooooo NOT a morning person! But I have started walking - trying to lose a few more kilos and it's good for my mental state - LOL!

I desperately want to scrap, sew, create, lots of courses I'd love to do but just soooooo tired! Hopefully I'll get some photos printed this week and get creating!

I'm not sure if anyone even bothers to pop in here any more but I'm hoping to share some creativeness soon!



Tara said...

Great photo's Melissa, hope things settle down for you soon, and lola starts sleeping more lol..

Good luck with the parties :-)

Heather Jacob said...

How gorgeous are your girls !!
stunning photos and LO's.. beautiful work x

miasmummy said...

Ahhh as soon as you update, I pounce on your blog, so yep, people are still reading it! x