Friday, June 24, 2011

A canvas for Lottie...

I'm seriously thinking I should close this poor lil neglected blog...I hardly find the time to create much of anything at the moment. Slack? Tired? Busy? No Mojo? all of the above. I definately feel the need to be creative...I need to be working on something....but it just seems I have less and less energy to tackle anything much at the moment!

Anyway enough whining....

I did make this lil canvas for my friend's new baby girl - Lottie....LOVE her name!I'm yet to meet her as we have all had the flu and I don't want to spread the germs!
I really hope she likes it as I'm really nervous about giving it to her. I've never really been fussed on OTP scrapping type things especially as gifts. I have bought some cute clothes and a seedling doll for Lottie and the canvas is just a little extra thought from me!
I like it myself though and will probably do one for Lola's room!
Speaking of Miss Lola - we had her Kindy interview this week and thank god she was a delight while there. I was serious worried she would climb the principal's desk, throw a tanty or strip off. Happy to report she was an angel!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Canvas play....

I have seen LOTS of scrappers playing with canvas art and mixed media lately, so I thought I'd have a crack. I will eventually sign up for the full SHE ART tutorial but for now I just had a look at Kristy's blog and watched the free tutorials. I first had a play on simple shipping cards, above!

Then played with a background for a canvas for Poppy's room!

And finished it like this! It was loads of messy fun and didn't take much time at all! I'm really happy with it and have plans for one for Lola and a larger one for the hallway!

I have two LOs on the go and will post them later!

Winter has finally hit so I might get a bit more crafting/scrapping done indoors!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day...

I whipped up these cards for my MIL and Great Grandma "Oma"...we also filled them with printed photos of the girls and candles/candle holders & an Oroton wallet for my MIL. She constantly minds my girls while I work and although she has everything under the sun if we find one or two really nice things that she will like I will buy it in thanks for all her help! We had a wonderful day...breakfast in bed then onto lunch out with the inlaws. The girls were really well behaved and the food was great! I was spoilt. I have really wanted a pizza maker for ages so I got one of those. But in true tradition I also got a new vintage style Kate Hill handbag! Both presents were my favourite colour - red!Of course though, the things we love the best are the homemade pressies! And Poppy was sooooo excited to wake me up this this gorgeous poster! It cracks me up, I think my dress is upsidedown and I lost a shoe somewhere but I LOVE it. And the writing is spot on!

And I love this pic of Miss P smooching with her great grandmother "Oma". They get along famously and I know my girls are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents!

Hope all the mums had a wonderful and love filled day! X

Saturday, April 30, 2011

make something please.....

so I did....I made this lil mixed media frame forJulie Heard...she's rounded up a pile of scrapper/arty people to make inspirational canvases and frames to be auctioned off for a cancer charity! I was flattered to be asked!

So here is my attempt with my favourite Mandela quote!

Lots of vintage papers, doilies and buttons...

Kinda cute!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter...

Well I have to say I do LOVE traditions and celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. We usually spend Easter in Geraldton with my family but this year we stayed in Perth and celebrated with my inlaws. There are no other children in their families so my girls LOVE all the attention!
We carried out our usual tradition of making our Easter baskets to use on Easter morning for the egg hunt! They are very simple but the girls adore making them and so do I! We use a simple regular egg carton and cut it in half. They girls have a ball painting them any way that they like - the brighter and messier the better I say!

Once the paint is dry we staple a paper/cardboard handle onto each carton and decorate with Easter stickers, glitter or this year it was wooden ladybugs and paper butterflies!

The reason why we love these hand made baskets is because they allows for six eggs to be collected by each child. It was originally my sister's idea as she has 4 children and the egg hunt could become quite stressful as the older kids would all the eggs first and arguing would breakout! With these baskets they all know how many to find, everyone gets the same amount and same size plus once your basket is full you can sit on the verandah and start eating, allowing the younger ones to find their eggs at their own pace. It was an early start in our garden this years and the girls had so much fun! Poppy was running around and showing her generous nature by sharing and helping her little sister. Mind you Lola worked it out very quickly too! Look at the sheer joy on their simple yet priceless!The day continued with a delicious lunch, more chocolates, some new books and winter tracksuits from Nanny(another tradition!). It really was quite a relaxing day. As I look at these photos I realize how grown up my girls are. They have been playing so nicely together these holidays, I love to watch their sisterly bond grown and develop!

Hope you had a fun filled Easter!


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Savvy CC challenges...

Well I really wanted to get back to pushing some papers around so I got 2 out of 4 challenges done for the March Scrapbook Savvy Cyber Crop. Was hoping to get all the challenges done but didn't have enough time!For Kerryn's Challenge - Using up older stash and a card with the left overs!

And this one was for Anthea's challenge - use papers older than 2010, no cardstock & make an embellishment! Some older Basic Grey papers that I had floating around - very girly!

Pretty dodgy photos - sorry - but I will have my new printer/scanner up and running next week thank god! LOL!

I'm off to Uni all weekend - don't mind it so far but I am not looking forward to the 6000 word assignment! Wahhhhhhhhh! At least we can pick our own topic. I'm going to research "natural playgrounds/playspaces" which I am really interested in! I'm hoping to persuade my boss to add lots of plants and natural features to our new playground! We requested a hill or mound in our grassed area and they agreed to putting it in! There is nothing cuter than a bunch of 3 year olds rolling down that lil hill! They really love it!

I've got lots of kids art/craft to share...leading up to Easter.... stay tuned!


Friday, February 18, 2011

School, study & a dash of dancing!

oh I'm tired of logging on here and saying how "busy" I've been - LOL! But it is what it is!

The school year got off to a great start. I set up a brand new kindy which is awesome. The room is amazingly BIG, all the furniture and toys are's really gorgeous! But lots of unpacking, cleaning up and a few issues, like no computers, phones or internet yet which has been a pain! All the kids are lovely, a few criers/screamers but they are all settling now! Gotta say, I do love my job!

So this year my job is now 3 days a week, which might not sound like much but it seems like a big jump for me and I'm desperate to find the routine and balance I need with work and family. I know we will get there!

I have also enroled in Uni to do 4 units, which will allow me to remain teaching Three Year Old Kindy. I'm not the world greatest student, bit of a procrastinator, but I will just have to get on with it! Luckily I have secured a scholarship so finances won't be an issue! I just have to buckle down this year and get on with it!

Poppy started Pre Primary this year and while she likes it, she gets really tired, going 5 days a week. It all seems so much more formal these days. I wish they would just let them play more, there are 12 formal years of schooling ahead, just let them play for one more year I say!
She also started dancing lessons and is loving it. She does look gorgeous in her red uniform! Luckily one of my old teaching friends is her dance teacher and she is a wonderful teacher.

Nothing on the creative scene, I really do want to scrap but I just don't have the drive like I use to. My pages always look very similar/boring. I still love the papers, the bits and pieces but I feel a bit stressed as to where to begin again! I have made lots of birthday cards lately which I really enjoy personalising!

Other than that we are all good, just would like a little breathing space, a moment to step back, a quick break...but that's not goin to happen anytime soon. Just a lot of juggling.